Thursday, September 11, 2014

Countdown to .500

Last Friday, I looked at the Mets schedule and their win/loss record and figured that the Mets would have to go 15-7 to get to a .500 record. They went 5-1 since then, including a four-game winning streak and a series sweep over the Colorado Rockies.

As of today, they have to go 10-6.

This has been the kind of season that it will be success for the Mets to reach the .500 mark. It will demonstrate that they didn't give up at the end of the season; they will have momentum going into 2015.

Oddly enough in the last two days, I heard two different sportscasters discuss the Mets' chances to reach the post-season. Apparently, the Mets have the same record at the same time in 1973, the "Ya Gotta Believe" year. (FYI, it pains me to write such bad grammar.)

I would love another miracle, but it's very unlikely. Give me .500 and I'll be happy. Give me .500 and I can realistically, optimistically say, "Wait until next year."

It's good enough for me. For now.

Update: Seven of the Mets' 16 remaining games are against the Washington Nationals. This is what made the original projection of 15-7 a tough one As of now--in the fourth inning--the Mets are down 0-6 to the Nationals. Pitcher Bartolo Colon was ejected from the game after hitting his second batter. Oh, there goes Manager Terry Collins.

It's starting to look ugly now. The Mets have only six losses to give, but seven games against the Nationals.

I want to believe. I do believe up to .500.

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