Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Jeff!

We usually celebrate birthdays by going out to dinner. Last night Jeff said he wanted angel hair pasta with my marinara sauce. This request was flattering; I was happy to make the sauce. I haven't made it in months because I think it's too heavy for summer. I served the pasta and sauce with a salad of romaine, kale, cucumber, carrot, pepper and radish.

Instead of going out for dinner, we went out to lunch at Lumberyard Pub. It's a friendly place with great burgers and chicken wings, and carrot fries--this was my first time trying them and they are yummy.

As we were out for lunch, the sauce was cooking in the crockpot. We picked up one of our favorite wines Shotfire for dinner. We watched the Mets win the first game of the double-header against the Washington Nationals.

Unfortunately, the Mets lost the second game. I'm bummed because they are now doomed to another sub .500 season.

I was hoping for more, just a little more.

Sorry the Mets couldn't make it a better birthday for you Jeff.

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