Monday, September 1, 2014

More on Veronica Mars: The Movie

Still thinking about the movie--a bit more critically than I did last night.

I still stand by my statement that I loved the movie. But I think I only loved the movie because I loved the show. Someone could watch the film without seeing the show beforehand, but I don't think that viewer would necessarily like the movie. As a standalone mystery, it's just okay.

I think it was unrealistic that all the characters were still hanging out with high school friends. But apparently that was a choice made because of the Kickstarter funding campaign. Rob Thomas wanted to bring as many TV show cast members as possible.

My biggest problem is the way Veronica blew off her job offer as an attorney. She accepts a job that starts in one week, then gets a few more days before her start date. Then she just stops answering her phone when she sees the firm name on her caller id. It just seemed stupid and irresponsible.

I've read several film reviews today. They are all over the place, but most agree with me that show lovers will be happy.

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