Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Canine Health Update

Spike's been kind of gimpy lately. I've tried not to worry too much; after all he'll be 14 years old in November. Last Friday at the dog park, we threw the ball for him a few times and he was limping severely.

We watched him for a few days, before we decided to take him to the vet's. We learned he had torn his cruciate ligament. It was probably only partially torn before last Friday. I had encouraged Jeff to throw the ball, so I am feeling very guilty.

The initial vet reaction is surgery. But our vet agreed that Spike is too old for this type of surgery, especially because it has a long recovery period. Spike doesn't appear to be in pain, so we don't need medication.

Going forward, walks and swims are good; running is bad.

All we can do is watch him carefully, take it easy and love him.

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