Thursday, September 18, 2014

Morgan's Tasting Menu

As I wrote yesterday, we went up to Interlaken Inn for our anniversary. We decided to splurge and upgrade our three course dinner to the seven course farm to table tasting menu.

The Chef came out to meet us and ask about food allergies, favorites and things we didn't eat. Then he surprised us. We started with salmon and radishes and faro. The second course was heirloom tomatoes and cheese (I had specifically requested tomatoes.) Next we had octopus and prosciutto with a spicy pepper sauce. Jeff predicted octopus, which was funny. I've had octopus once and didn't like it, but this dish was delicious. It was cooked for five hours so it was tender. The fourth course was lobster (both tail and claw.)

Next up was pork belly with faro, mushrooms and arugula, followed by duck breast. Our dessert was a sponge cake with zabaione and berries, which we took back to our room.

It was delicious and fun--we'd never done something like that before.

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