Thursday, September 17, 2015

168 Hours

I think I learned about Laura Vanderkam from a Linked In article. I've linked to her before. Recently I signed up to get a time tip emailed from her every Monday.  Last week I did a time log based on her book, 168 Hours (which I haven't read.) I've decided to track my time for another week. I'll start again on Monday.

I discovered that by tracking my time I'm somewhat more mindful of how long things are taking me. I know some of the things that are eating up my time. I have to be more precise about what to record. Sometimes I combined things: e.g. watched the Mets, made dinner, did dishes.

 This post will help me make sense of my time tracking.

I've tried to track my time before. Nothing much came of it. I hope to do it right this time. 

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