Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Specter of 2007

I've written 60 posts about the Mets, describe myself as a Mets fan in my profile, watch almost every Mets game. Obviously, they are important to me.

No matter what happens next, this has been a good year. (Why does that sound familiar?)

In April, I would have been happy with a winning season. But it wasn't long before I wanted (and expected) more. 

Watching the Mets has been exciting, but also exasperating and nerve-racking.

Tonight was one of the exasperating nights: the Braves won 6-2.

Many Mets fans are haunted by the 2007 season. The Mets had a seven game lead over the Phillies on September 12. They lost 12 of their last 17 games and missed the postseason. Some of us will never feel secure until the Mets clinch the division.

The Mets lost their last two series to the Marlins and the Yankees. Tomorrow is the rubber game of this series. I'm not afraid of a collapse a la 2007; I don't think the Nationals can prevail, but I am concerned about the Mets young pitching staff tiring out.

At least the Nationals lost tonight; the Mets magic number is down to six.

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