Thursday, November 5, 2015

Celebrate! Spike Turns 15 Today!

We always celebrate Spike's birthdays, half-way days and anniversaries.Today is special. At Spike's size, an age of 15 is equivalent to 83 human years.

We had hoped to take Spike to the dog park, but it rained off and on all day. Spike's recovering from pneumonia; lying in the wet grass didn't seem a good idea.

At least we went to the dog park yesterday.We walked from the car about halfway across the field when Spike just plopped down as if to announce this is where I want to rest. Jeff and I got chairs from the car and hung out with him for an hour. A few dogs came over, looked at him and then ran off to play. It was a beautiful day--sunny, about 70 degrees with a cool breeze. I'm hoping for a repeat visit tomorrow.

Tonight we gave Spike a good steak dinner with a peanut butter Frosty Paw as dessert.

Happy Birthday Spike. 

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