Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Election Day Light

No national or state-wide elections today, but there are many local elections. Our current mayor Harry Rilling was re-elected. I haven't heard about the other races yet.

I'm more informed about the local elections than I've been in several years. I still don't know all the candidates and their positions. But it's important to vote. Too many people died securing that right. Others still struggle to exercise it.

I heard a report on the radio today that the US is behind most other industrialized countries in voter participation.  NY Rep Steve Israel wants to move election day to a full weekend to make it easier for people to vote. He says the Tuesday voting day was well suited to the 18th Century agrarian society, but makes it difficult to vote in a modern society.

I agree that we should make voting easier. Too bad many Republicans don't agree, crying about non-existent voter fraud.

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