Monday, November 16, 2015

Checking In

I've been feeling discouraged.

As if I'm treading water. I'm not drowning, but I'm still far from the shore and I'm getting tired.

It's the little things. I sweep or vacuum a floor and  minutes later, dead leaves are scattered across it.

On the way to the dog park, a hose breaks in Jeff's car causing it to overheat. We have to leave his car at the shop and take a cab home. The hose breaks when the auto repair shop is busy, so the car remains there for days. The replacement hose isn't expensive, but the labor to install it is.

It's the bigger things. Spike's health remains a concern. We thought he had finally kicked pneumonia, but he stated huffing again.

The holidays are approaching, bringing about as much stress as good cheer.

How will I make it to shore?

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