Monday, November 16, 2015

Today's Afternoon at the Dog Park

Because of my general malaise and my discouraging post this morning, I decided I had to post something more positive.

Today was an unseasonably warm fall day--it reached 61 degrees. So we took Spike to the dog park. It wasn't as nice as the day before his birthday, but very pleasant. We timed our visit for the warmest part of the day: we saw Chance and Tipper, their humans Art and Kevin, and met some new dogs and people. We even met a Basenji named Zoe. We've only seen one or two Basenjis before. It's a rare event.

As usual, Spike was reluctant to get into the car. We told him he would be happy when we arrived at dog park. Art and Kevin greeted him, a few dogs sniffed, but mostly ignored him as he "chilled" as Art said.

This may be our last visit to the dog park in a long time. It's not good for Spike to go in the cold. I just hope we have a few more unseasonably warm visits this fall.

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