Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas Shopping and Holiday Angst

Thanksgiving is a week away, and we've been inundated with catalogs. I started Christmas shopping last week. I found a few things online and a few in catalogs.

Today I shopped in person. I stopped at the Stamford Home Goods. I love Home Goods--you never know what you may find. I found some ideas for Elaine's party (assuming she is having one--I haven't heard from her.) I picked up a few things for Jeff. (I can't list them because he's one of the few persons to read this blog.)

I then went to a tutoring session. On the way home, I went to an anniversary party at this store. It was literally on my way home. I did well, getting a belated birthday and a few Christmas gifts for family members.

I'm feeling ambivalent about the holidays. We have several family changes to deal with.

Spike is not as ill as he was last year--we worried about him surviving the holidays then. But now he is dealing with other problems.

I'm trying to get into some kind of holiday spirit, but it can be a challenge.

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