Wednesday, November 11, 2015

TV Catch-Up Time

Now that baseball season's over, Jeff and I have been catching up on some shows that we've recorded.

In no particular order:

The Simpsons--I guess we're only recording this out of habit and with the hope that the writers can come up with a solid episode. I barely remember any episodes of recent years. It seems that a few have decent setups that the writers can't sustain.

The Big Bang Theory--we started watching this show when it went into syndication. I think it replaced Seinfeld on a local station. I'm enjoying the show, but am getting tired. I mean the show is getting tired. I was interested in how Sheldon would propose to Amy, but the show is dragging out that storyline, and it's annoying.

Face Off--nine seasons already. This is my favorite reality show, but I still wonder if they'll run out of quality contestants showing two seasons in one calendar year. The top contestants are good, but the bad are really bad.

More to follow in another post.

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