Monday, February 20, 2017

A Taste of Spring

We had a nice, warm weekend with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. Even today, though cooler in the mid-40's, is unseasonably warm. The only downside is that with a foot of snow already on the ground, we had to deal with slush and mud. Luckily the slush and mud at Taylor Farm and Cranbury Parks weren't bad enough to offset the good weather.

Earlier this week Jeff and our friend Debbie were speculating if this was the end of winter or if we'd have another wintry blast. I was reminded of the beginning of my favorite book I Capture the Castle. Cassandra and Stephen discuss the beginning of spring. Later Cassandra tells Topaz her stepmother that it's a whiff of spring, not whole lungs full. But Topaz was still ready to commune with nature.

I skimmed through the first four or five chapters to find the whole lungs full quote. I might re-read the whole book again. For now I picked up a book I've had for years, but I'm not sure I completely read: Women of Wonder The Classic Years--a book of short stories.

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