Sunday, February 19, 2017

Valentine's Dinners

Our non-drinking ended on Valentine's Day, but Jeff's working long hours in the city so we decided to postpone our official Valentine's dinner until the weekend.

We still had a nice dinner on Tuesday. We started with a Vesper martini and an appetizer of cream cheese, chutney and curry with crackers and carrots. Then we had chicken Parmesan and salad plus box red wine. Jeff picked up dessert--berry cakes.

On Saturday we had our official  Valentine's dinner: strip steak, lobster risotto, sauteed spinach, gelato and raspberries. We also had one of our favorite wines.

We didn't slack off today. For brunch, we had scrambled eggs with lobster tail (Jeff got more than we needed for the risotto last night) ham, an English muffin and a fruit cup. Jeff got pork chops on Friday.  I pan seared them with spices and lemon juice, then baked them with a little red wine. We also had stuffing with apple and a salad of avocado, tomatoes and pepper.

Good dinners

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