Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Musings

Slowly working my way out of my funk. I can attribute much of this funk to not working. It's been almost three weeks. I feel guilty, especially because Jeff has been working on three projects.

I'm trying to give myself projects and goals to keep busy. One project is to prep the taxes. I'll take another look at the materials tonight and take them to the accountant tomorrow.
Having a warm spell during my funk has definitely helped. So has Lola. I took her for long walks at Cove Island and Cranbury Parks. We also visited Taylor Farm, Oystershell, Winslow and Southbury Dog Parks. It's hard to stay in a funk when you're out with a happy beagle.

Had some family time this weekend. Friday night I had dinner with my mother and brother. Saturday we visited Jeff's parents and watched the UVM game with them. I'll also work in lunch with my mother tomorrow when I go to the accountant's.

Now that all the snow is gone, it looks like rain tomorrow and Wednesday. I'll have to time Lola's park visits around scattered showers. Sigh. Just when the mud has dried up. Well, the weather has been great for February--it feels more like April. No complaining.

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