Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cheers for the New Week--Glad Last Week's Over

You know your week is bad when the big thing you're looking forward to on Friday is...doing the laundry. Our elevator was fixed sometime on Thursday afternoon, and I spent most of Friday catching up on laundry--seven loads of it.

Ralph Kiner died on Thursday. I'm too young to remember Ralph as a baseball player. I only saw him years later as a Mets announcer. I wasn't much of a fan. I remember my father laughing at one of Ralph's gaffes on Father's Day. "To all you fathers out there, happy birthday." I grew to appreciate Ralph more in recent years. He made appearances for an inning at a time on Mets broadcasts; his stories were great.

It's snowing again. Luckily it's a light snow. Last Wednesday, predictions were dire. A coating to two inches is not so bad. It's going to stay cold for a while. And forecasters are already speculating about the next storm Thursday and Friday. Swell. I can't worry about that one yet.

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