Saturday, February 15, 2014

Veronica Mars Re-Watch: Season Two Episode Ten

One Angry Veronica

Meg has woken up. She asks Veronica not to let her parents raise her baby if something happens to her. The Aaron/Lilly sex tapes are missing.  Veronica has jury duty over Christmas break. That's just the teaser.

As indicated by the title, this episode is Neptune's version of 12 Angry Men: the defendants are a pair of 09ers accused of beating up a Hispanic girl.

Woody Goodman hires Keith to investigate what happened to the tapes. Keith deduces  that Logan bought and destroyed the tapes by his use of "Dude." Pretty tenuous evidence. Later he discovers that Deputy Leo was the seller; his goal was to help his sister with Down's Syndrome.

New Year's Eve brings sad news: Meg has died. But there's also good news: Wallace is back.

Beefcake alert: Shirtless Sheriff Lamb working out.

Trivia Note: The hold-out juror is played by Ivonne Coll. My last name is unusual; it's nice to see it.

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