Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Another big storm is on the way--six to 12 inches of snow. It's going to start around midnight tonight and change from snow to sleet to rain to snow. It sounds as if we'll get a second wave of snow on Friday.

We're lucky that we don't have to go anywhere the next few days. I think things will be okay on Friday--I hope so, anyway. But it's nice to have a buffer day if necessary. We are well-stocked with lots of food. I haven't heard any predictions about losing power, but we also have flashlights, candles
and batteries.

Friday is Valentine's Day. We usually avoid going out to dinner, because of all the special menus and high prices. One day last week on a walk around the block with Spike, we discussed dinner options. Last night we made some decisions and I put together a grocery list for the things we needed from the grocery store.

I'm looking forward to a good dinner and the first drink in six weeks.

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