Saturday, February 15, 2014

Veronica Mars Re-Watch: Season Two Episode Eleven

Donut Run

Veronica finds Kendall in Duncan's bathroom. Her confrontation with Duncan leads to a very public break-up. Veronica retreats to her bedroom to listen to sad music until Sheriff Lamb arrives. Duncan has kidnapped his and Meg's baby daughter. Lamb arrests Veronica as an accomplice.

The FBI is on the case, including Lucy Lawless as a snobby agent. Sleazy PI Vinnie Van Lowe is investigating on behalf of Celeste Kane.

Midway through the episode is the reveal that everything, including the break-up, was part of a elaborate plan for Duncan to escape with the baby to Mexico. Keith is furious that Veronica played him, but is instrumental in covering for her with the FBI.

Logan and Weevil are working together to find out who killed Felix. Weevil gets a clue from a tattoo artist--Felix was involved with Molly Fitzpatrick.

Wallace has a mystery of his own involving a hit-and-run accident in Chicago. 

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