Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Family Day

Jeff's parents live an hour from us, so we usually make a day of it when we visit. It just doesn't make sense for us to pop up for dinner (especially when rush hour traffic would lengthen the trip.) My mother's only a half hour away so dinner visits are more doable.

Recently visits have been tough to arrange. Jeff made the last few trips to his parents without me because I was working. Late afternoon conference calls for Jeff and tutoring sessions for me made it tough to arrange dinners with my mother. The last time I saw her was a weekday when I took her to the eye doctor and then had lunch--Jeff couldn't make it then.

Today was a parental double-header. First we visited Jeff's parents. His mother suggested a new Thai restaurant. The three of us had lunch specials. For me it was tom yum soup, spring rolls and panang curry with chicken and brown rice--delicious.

After lunch we visited Jeff's dad. He's in the health center at the retirement home. It's just down the hall so Jeff's mom visits twice a day. We left so he could nap before dinner, then sat outside with Jeff's mom and Spike for about an hour. It was a warm, sunny afternoon.

My mother lives about halfway between us and Jeff's parents. So it was convenient to stop there for dinner and a visit. A nice family day.

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