Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NLDS: Mets Edition

Saturday's Mets-Dodgers game was traumatic. And not just for Ruben Tejada.

The game started off so well. The Mets scored two runs against Zach Greinke, a rare occurrence.

Then Utley's slide took out Tejada permanently for this season and created a controversy. Almost everyone agrees the slide was late. Some claim it should have been called interference. I was angry that Utley was awarded a base that he hadn't touched. I heard an umpire on the radio who said that the runner is never penalized for listening to what the umpire says even if it's a bad call. If Utley had been called out, the inning would have been over before the Dodgers took the lead.

I would prefer that Utley were called out over Utley suspended for two games. But the ways of baseball can be strange.

Last night--game three--the Mets got revenge: a 13 to 7 win. That's much better than plunking some Dodger.

But tonight--not so good. The Mets fell scoring only one run to the Dodgers three. I was convinced that the Mets would win tonight. I don't want them to go to LA. I still believe, but the Dodgers have regained the home field advantage.

I want to see the Mets against the Cubs. Let's go Mets.

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