Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Miscellaneous Musings

It hasn't been a good week for me personally. My workload was light. That's a problem because if I don't work, I don't get paid. I told myself not to worry about it: work will pick up again; I can use the time to work on some of my long term projects.

Unfortunately, I had an unproductive week. I did nothing on my long term projects. For the most part it was because I was lazy. I've been up late watching baseball, especially the Mets, and haven't been getting enough sleep. This makes for late and/or slow mornings. My right shoulder hurt on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had cold symptoms on Wednesday. Review of a test took much longer than I expected.

I don't want to whine (though you might not believe that based on the previous paragraph.) I'm just trying to figure things out.

Watching the Mets has been fun. For the most part that is: I felt a few moments of anguish. I was nervous and angry when Harvey gave up three runs in the second inning of Game Three. I even told Jeff that could be the series right here. But then I told myself not to give up, never give up on this team. Ultimately the Mets won 13-7.

Last night, I didn't count the Mets out when they were down 1-2 in the bottom of the first, but I tried to prepare myself for a loss. Even if the Mets had not advanced, it would have still been a successful season. Now it's much sweeter.

Speaking of preparing myself, two weeks ago, I was preparing myself for the worst with Spike. He has a form of pneumonia, and it's taken him a long time to recover. He's much better now, but is still on medication. The only thing I want to prepare for now is his 15th birthday.

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