Friday, October 2, 2015

Working Out By the Numbers--Revisited

I went to the gym four times this week: Monday I did back, biceps and abs, Wednesday I did chest, shoulders, triceps and abs, Thursday I did legs and abs, today I did back, chest and abs. Each day I did 30 minutes of cardio. Today I walked on the treadmill. I usually only use the treadmill to warm up and cool down, but it was a surprisingly good cardio workout.

I feel good. This was a good workout week: I increased my weights in several exercises. Plus I did 45 minutes of exercise at home one day.

I write down my gym workouts in a small notebook. Recently I added a line about home workouts--usually just the date unless I work more than a half hour, then I add the time. (I don't count exercise if it's less than a half hour.) If I didn't keep this book, I probably would overestimate the number of times I worked out.

Checking out my notebook, I worked out three times a week ten times and four times a week twice. This was better than I expected, since I only went to the gym 61 times all year. But overall, it's pitiful--a 22 percent attendance for the year-to-date.

At least September was good; I can build on that.

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