Monday, December 19, 2016

Four Days To Christmas Celebrations

Officially, it's six days until Christmas. But we have family dinners on the 23rd and 24th, a family lunch on the 24th and a family brunch on the 25th. So we really have four days to prepare. I still have shopping to do (for presents as well as food.) I've realized that I will have to make purchases for two people that I had previously designated as Jeff's responsibilities. So much for that. He won't have time to shop. If only we can figure out what to get.

I'm making a pumpkin-apple-carrot soup, cheesy scalloped potatoes and a carrot-dried fruit salad. I think I'll do the soup on Thursday and the rest on Friday morning. I tried to buy all that I need last Friday, but I forgot a few things.

I didn't feel like shopping today, but I did wrap several presents. I also worked on my ACT Coursebook though I doubt that was the best use of my time. I had already prepped through my lesson on Wednesday. It's another two weeks before the next class. But I was in the mood to work on the book so there's that.

The next two days will determine how crazy Thursday and Friday will be.

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