Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Taking It Easy

I'm still recovering from the cold that blasted me on Christmas Eve. Yesterday I worked on my ACT manual--it was something that I could do while relaxing and drinking tea.

I discovered a Game of Thrones marathon on TV. Apparently HBO is marathoning a season each day. It reminded me of  last year: watching Game of Thrones helped me deal with losing Spike--I guess by distracting me from my pain. I wonder if Games of Thrones marathons will always remind me of Spike.

Today I forced myself to do some household work: I finished unpacking my suitcase (on Christmas Day when we returned home I only threw my dirty clothes on top of the already full hamper) and did seven loads of laundry. It was tiring--I had to take a few breaks. I also managed a few pages in the manual.

Tomorrow I have to take my mother to the eye doctor. I guess I should be in bed already, but Cold Care PM Tea should help me sleep.

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