Friday, December 9, 2016

Lola and Me

Jeff's away for the weekend. I was thinking that it was his first time away from Lola since she joined us on April 22. But no, I remembered that Lola spent six nights away from us in August. But this is Lola's and my first time alone together.

Unfortunately, Lola's been sick the last few days with digestive ailments. We took her to the vet yesterday who advised that she shouldn't go to the dog park for a few days.So I can't expect a wild weekend. Lola's also limited to a chicken and rice diet--and she ate the last of the homemade chicken broth for dinner.

The truth is that I want a quiet, productive weekend. I want to work on my ACT book (though I'm disappointed that I didn't get to it today.) I want to buy some gifts online, organize the gifts I've already purchased--maybe even wrap some.

Right now, Lola and I are snuggling and that works for me.

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