Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Week in Review

2014 started off well. Jeff and I had a New Year's Eve feast: lobster salad, filet mignon, duck breast, roasted peppers, scalloped potatoes and cherry sauce. For dessert, we had chocolate espresso cake and champagne (of course.)

For New Year's Day breakfast, we had scrambled eggs with lobster and duck bacon. Later that day, we went to a friend's open house.

After that, things went downhill. We got seven inches of snow Thursday night into Friday. It warmed up, then cooled down again creating ice patches. Monday it reached almost 60 degrees and rained all day. Now, we're in a polar vertex; it's dangerously cold. About half the gym parking lot was covered in ice.

I'm trying to stay positive. At least our sidewalks are clear. I've been able to make all of my classes and tutoring appointments despite the weather. It's going to warm up to 20 degrees tomorrow, and get progressively warmer each day. I can't imagine living in 50 degrees below weather.

New Year's resolution-type commercials are driving me crazy: The Special K diet, Weight Watchers online, Nutrisystem: complete with pictures of unrealistic diet results and disgusting looking food. I saw one Nicoderm commercial. Later I heard a story about how many people stopped smoking over the past several years. I guess now there's a much smaller "quit smoking" market.
Sunday, I actually heard a story about how to recover if you've haven't lived up to your resolutions. Sunday, January 5th. Are people just looking for excuses to blow off their resolutions? That's why I resist the idea of resolutions. It seems they are destined to fail. For me, it's the work towards the goals that's important.

I read a few interesting resolution ideas. Here's one about Drynuary. But Jeff and I top that. Our last drink was January 2nd (to finish a box of wine) and we won't drink again until Valentine's Day. Well, I won't drink again until Valentine's Day. Jeff likes to have a Super Bowl beer.

This cleaning project also sounds like a good idea. It's more about planning than resolving.

Finally, here's a monthly plan for self improvement.

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