Thursday, January 16, 2014

Veronica Mars Re-Watch: Season Two Episode Seven

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

The mystery of the week is finding a child abuse victim. Duncan's been going through documents on Meg's thumb drive; Meg had been in contact with child services to help a boy between seven and 10 years old she had been babysitting.

Enter Veronica the babysitter. She gets jobs with Meg's babysitting clients. The first boy seems perfect, but draws a scary looking picture; the father is sketchy. The second kid is a terror. Another client is the Goodmans. (Woody is the baseball team owner and mayoral/county supervisor candidate--depending on the episode--who encouraged Keith to run for Sheriff.) Veronica snagged a sleepover date from Gia Goodman. Mrs. Goodman is vaguely super-creepy.

Veronica and Duncan break into Meg's bedroom to retrieve a notebook in which the child had written things such as "I deserve punishment." It's in Meg's air vent (a la Lilly.) Veronica realizes the abused child is a girl, Meg's sister Grace. They find her in a room in the back of her closet.

Mr. Manning returns home and catches Veronica and Duncan. Sheriff Lamb handcuffs them and puts them in the police car. Then Lamb checks out the secret room in the closet, releases Veronica and Duncan and parks outside the Manning home.

In other news:

Logan has moved in with Duncan--awkward.

The first Mrs. Casablancas signs over Dick Junior's and Cassidy's trust funds. But Kendall is out-of-luck. It looks as if Kendall is coming on to Duncan.

Logan needs Veronica's help--he claims he's been set up by the witness to Felix's death. The witness is a plastic surgeon, but Logan says he's not the man on the bridge. Veronica tracks the surgeon to a cigar store--known as a spot that deals drugs.

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