Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Veronica Mars Re-Watch: Season Two Episode Eight

Ahoy, Mateys!

Veronica's efforts to help Logan lead to a scary encounter with the Fighting Fitzpatricks, a local crime family in their bar, the River Styx. The Fitzpatricks are connected to the plastic surgeon who said Logan killed Felix. It's Logan to the rescue, but Veronica flips out because he has a gun.

Weevil confronts his fellow PCH-ers; are some of them selling drugs for the Fitzpatricks?  After talking to PCHer Thumper, Weevil is unsure if Logan actually killed Felix. Some PCHers kidnap Logan to question him about Felix's death. Logan says he can't remember what happened, but vows to get back at Weevil.

Keith is investigating the harassment of the parents of Marcos Olivares, one of the bus crash casualties. Someone is leaving toy yellow buses and the scent of their son's cologne in their home. They are also getting voicemail messages from him. The harassment started after the parents sued the school district for negligence.

Veronica learns that Marcos was Captain Crunk of Ahoy, Mateys, a high school radio show. The show trashed everyone at Neptune High. Veronica and Mac track down the co-host, Imitation Crab--Vice Principal Clemmons' son Vincent, aka Butters.

Duncan is having weird dreams of angelic Meg and vixen Veronica. Meg says Duncan is the only one who can save her. He finds and opens a "private and confidential" letter addressed to Meg. "Oh my God," he says.

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