Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Weather Woes

We're in a cold spell--temps peaking in the teens not including wind chills. Eleven inches of snow fell from mid-morning Tuesday through midday Wednesday. With continuing cold, the snow hasn't melted. Neighborhood sidewalks are clear of ice for the most part, but covered in dirt and salt. No matter how careful we are, we track some crap into our unit.

Spike has reverted to resisting our efforts to put on his Fido fleece. Sometimes he walks away from us. It doesn't save him but just takes us longer to get ready. To add to our walk prep time, we also have to apply paw protection. Spike also resists this. He acts as if we're torturing him. But it's well worth it to avoid getting salt in his paws--what we call paw emergencies.

It's sad but I'm really looking forward to temperatures possibly hitting the 32 degrees tomorrow. Another inch or two of snow is also predicted.

Unfortunately, we're only a third of the way through winter.

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