Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Veronica Mars Re-Watch: Season Two Episode Six

Rat Saw God

Lots of action in the teaser: Lamb defeats Keith in the sheriff's race; Wallace is still out-of-town and out-of-touch; a witness tells Lamb he saw Logan kill Felix; Dick and Logan talk--Dick doesn't mind that Logan had an affair with his stepmother (better Logan than the pool boy); Abel Koontz wants Veronica's help in finding his daughter Amelia before he dies; Deputy Sachs arrests Logan.

Logan finds himself in a cell with his father Aaron. Aaron seems anguished; he claims he didn't kill Lilly. He offers to help Logan find an attorney. Legal aid type lawyer Cliff also advises Logan to get a better lawyer, but manages to get him released on bail. Logan goes home to find his house on fire (possibly revenge from Weevil and PCHer's.)

In her search for Amelia, Veronica confronts Clarence Wiedman. Later she finds Amelia--that is Amelia's body in an ice machine at a cheap motel. Wiedman arrives, tells Veronica that Amelia had extorted more money from Kane Software. They work together to find Amelia's killer. Veronica doesn't have the heart to tell Abel Koontz that Amelia's dead; she says Amelia is trying to get back home to see him before he dies.

In the bus crash mystery: Lamb tells Keith that a dead guy on the beach had Veronica's name written on his palm. Veronica advises Keith that she thinks she was the target of the bus crash. Keith breaks into the bus and finds a dead rat taped underneath one of the seats.

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