Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Haunting at Mill Hill

Last night Jeff and I went to the 9 PM tour by the Norwalk Historical Society. It's something we've thought about for the past few years. Either the dates didn't work for us or we forget to register (d'oh.)

We started in the main building at Mill Hill, which was decorated in spider webs and skulls, and heard the story of "The Miser of Bald Hill" a Wilton visitor. Then we headed outside, toured the grounds, walked among the headstones and heard true stories of six Norwalkers' deaths.

The stories were interesting and the actors were superb; there was no weak performance.

My only disappointment was that there were no stories related to the people buried at Mill Hill. Perhaps they didn't have interesting or eerie deaths. Maybe they were been included in earlier hauntings.

Thanks Jeff for getting the tickets.

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