Sunday, October 23, 2016

What's Cooking?

This is the dinner that Jeff made tonight: butternut squash with onion, garlic, carrot and potato topped with chicken breast. It was delicious (and beautiful which is why I snapped this photo--it looked even better in person.)

Last Sunday I made a this recipe from our friends' blog. I had a few issues. First I didn't translate instructions from a grill to a broiler well. Secondly and more importantly, I managed to lose my grocery list between the car and the grocery store: I forgot to get kitchen string. The recipe calls for tying up  the flank steak, proscuitto and fontina cheese. Instead I used shish-kebab sticks which smoked up under the broiler. I was also making chicken broth mostly for Lola, and didn't have much counter space so I got a little stressed. The important thing is that dinner was good--although the steak was a bit rare. I added a sweet potato and salad. We had enough steak left over for a meal on Wednesday; I added more proscuitto and fontina cheese, roasted some potatoes and made a salad.

On Tuesday I made Chicken Milanese and risotto. The first time I made Chicken Milanese was from a Blue Apron recipe. I loved it, saved the recipe and made it a few more times. We recently got another Chicken Milanese recipe and ingredients from Plated. The main difference is that in the Blue Apron recipe you coat the chicken in a mustard and water mix between the flour and panko bread crumbs. With the Plated recipe, you coat the chicken in flour, then egg and then panko bread crumbs, ans serve it with a honey mustard dipping sauce. We preferred the Blue Apron version: it was less mustard-y and the bread crumb mixture held on better. Either way, it takes at least three plates/bowls for prep.

For Lola's birthday, I cooked a duck breast with a cherry, orange juice and Grand Marnier sauce, risotto (twice in one week) sauteed spinach and a carrot and dried fruit salad.

It's been a good week for cooking.

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