Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another Early Halloween Celebration

Jenn and John's Halloween party was this past Saturday. The theme was alien landing, and they decorated their yard with a UFO and aliens.

We had a tough time deciding on costumes. I considered the stomach bursting alien, Star Trek and Star War characters. Jeff thought of the Coneheads. 

Jeff suggested we get hazmat suits and go as people inspecting the alien spacecraft. I loved that idea. We got yellow hazmat suits, bought a pair of zombie arms, leeches and blood tattoos. Our idea was that radiation from the spaceship caused the skin of our arms to melt away and created lesions on our faces. 

Apparently the leech package was old; the adhesive and fake blood had hardened. Luckily I already had the idea to use some of my cucumber peel off mask to make decaying skin. I had to cut some of the leeches because the mask wasn't strong enough to hold them. We used red and yellow food coloring to add to the cucumber mask. I also added some clear mask to my face to simulate sheaths of skin falling off my face. Someone said it looked like snot, and another was grossed out, so I guess it was successful. Jeff used green food coloring on his arm.

We saw a friend with the stomach bursting alien, a couple of Coneheads and a Star Trek character. We also saw other aliens (mostly glamorous), Men in Black and non-alien themed costumes. As always a fun time. 

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