Friday, October 28, 2016

The World Series Returns to Wrigley Field

I can only imagine the excitement at Wrigley tonight. I've never been able to afford to attend a World Series game at Shea Stadium or Citi Field. For a Cubs fan, it's basically a once-in-a-lifetime (so far for the youngsters) opportunity. Maybe it will be worth all the money. Maybe not, I heard today that the cheapest standing-room-only ticket was $1600.

I loved watching the older fans and multiple generations of family fans looking forward to this series.

 In 2003, I fantasized that the Cubs would meet the Red Sox in the World Series. (After all, I couldn't root for the 66-95 Mets in the playoffs.)  But that was the year of Steve Bartman. The Florida Marlins went on to beat the New York Yankees in the World Series.

The following year the Red Sox overcame their curse, came back from 0 and 3 to beat their enemy, the New York  Yankees, and then swept the St. Louis Cardinals to win it all.

Is this the Cubs' year?

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