Saturday, October 22, 2016

Six Months with Lola

Happy sixth month anniversary Lola!

The first time we met her she hid under a chair (as we were warned.) She was like a different dog when we went outside. She still wasn't friendly to us, but she was happy.

Another beagle was available that day, Daphne--a beagle mix. She was charming and friendly. Filing our application, we had to make a choice; we chose Lola. We decided that Lola needed us more. We don't know much about her history, but it appears she's been abused.

We've had many frustrations and a big scare.Lola is still fearful and timid, but she's making progress. Lola loves us and is comfortable with our friends.

We tell her that the rest of her life will be full of fun, good food and love. Lots of love.

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