Thursday, October 13, 2016

Waning Days of DPF

A few weeks ago, Jeff speculated that it could be our last DPF (Dog Park Friday.) I argued that we had another month's worth. I remembered a warm Friday in November a few years ago. Unfortunately, Jeff may have been right.

Three weeks ago, we had a nice night with several people; two weeks ago, it rained. Last week only three of us showed. It was still a nice night, but not the same as having eight to 10 people.

I don't think many people can make it tomorrow--but we'll be there--die hards to the end. Three more weeks and the end of daylight saving time effectively ends DPF. Those last weeks are especially iffy.

I always say we'll stay in touch with DPF friends over the winter, but it can be hard. We may run into a few people at the park. Last year we went to a dinner party in February.

I'll have to be proactive if I want to get people together this winter.

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