Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Word Play: Spelling Bee

When I was in law school, I heard that law students were into crossword puzzles. I wasn't one of them. I'll do an occasional crossword puzzle, but don't seek them out. A former co-worker used to do The New York Times crossword each day. He'd often leave them on my desk when he needed help with the film or television questions.

I'm more of a trivia fan (guess that's why I try to get on Jeopardy) and word search games like Boggle. I'm also a big fan of (the non-word game) Yahtzee.

My new favorite game is Frank Longo's Spelling Bee in The New York Times Magazine. It took me a few tries to warm up, but I now look forward to it every Saturday. It's something that I do over a number of days. My results have been classified as genius for the past few month or so.

I've been enjoying that.

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