Thursday, January 5, 2017

Measuring Miles to Nowhere—The Treadmill.

The title to this post is a six word story I wrote. Here's a story with a similar theme: Running inside hamster wheel, going nowhere.

Why am I posting these stories?

Last night I read Laura Vanderkam's blog.This week she's sharing small tips to make 2017 more productive.

The first tip suggested working on your most important work--your long term goal--on Monday morning. Following this tip ensures that you don't let the mundane, everyday to-do's crowd out your most important work.

Unfortunately, I realized that I don't have any long term goals--a disconcerting thought.Yes, I have ideas and vague plans. But, that's not enough. I don't want to live the rest of my life on the treadmill or inside the hamster wheel.

Sometimes it's right to focus on short-term goals, such as the week before Christmas (shopping, wrapping, cooking.)  But there has to be something more, something larger, something more important to work on.

Today in my journal, I wrote about goals. I've already posted about my plan to stop drinking until Valentine's Day. 

Here are some other SMART goals for the year:
Write 255 blog posts
Go to the gym 150 times
Explore 10 new hiking spots

I worked on the easier goals first. My career and other writing goals are harder to pin down. I jotted down a few ideas. I'll revisit them soon.

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