Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Rain, The Parks and Lola

I was in slow mode on this dark, dreary, raw and rainy morning. I needed to take Lola to a park in the morning as it was predicted to rain harder in the afternoon.

Lola used to love Mathews Park, but for some reason has changed her mind about it. I want to try it again, but not today. I stopped at Oystershell Park, but Lola didn't want to get out of the car and was shaking. I don't understand Lola's feelings; she's enjoyed previously visits there.

So we headed to Taylor Farm. I was surprised to see several other people and dogs there. I guess we all had the same idea. Lola and I lasted about a half hour. Lola didn't seem to mind the rain, but didn't object when I wanted to leave.

I was happy to spend the rest of the day inside. Tomorrow it's warming and clearing up--a better park day.

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