Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Time Tracking Check-In

I did pretty well with my time tracking last week. I decided to continue this week--oddly enough I had a little more trouble this week remembering what I did in a few time periods.

My original time-sheet was in half hour increments. This week I'm using one with 15-minute segments.

I haven't done a thorough analysis of my first week yet, but have a few observations.

I did well with exercise. I went to the gym four times (about 1.25 hour each visit) and exercised here three more times for at least a half hour.

I did 8.5 hours on my job search--less than my goal of 10 hours, but a good start.

I averaged a little over seven hours of sleep each night--which is okay (one night at 5.5 hours brought my average down.)

I'm still watching too much TV, despite being more conscious of it. I tend to have the TV on when I'm doing other things--housework, emails, prep for class. I think I am taking too long on things like class prep when distracted by TV.

Similarly, my Internet browsing is taking more time and causing more distraction/wasted time than I realized.

In my previous attempts at time-tracking, I failed to analyze my results. I'll follow through this time around.

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