Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rose Petals and Imagination

The other day I was walking with Lola at Taylor Farm and saw a bunch of rose petals strewn along a path through the woods.

I noticed three other piles as we continued.

It got me thinking: where did the petals come from? I don't remember seeing any rose bushes at Taylor Farm. Plus it's January. Someone had to have brought the roses to the park.

There has to be a story.

I wondered whether someone had brought a bouquet of roses to congratulate a friend or wish someone a happy birthday. Maybe someone was trying to make up with a significant other.

Maybe there's some sort of rose petal ritual that I don't know about (a la the loves me, he loves me not with daisy petals.)

I love the recognition of a spark--the thing that gets my imagination going.

My imagination didn't get too far with the rose petals, but they were the reminder to keep my eyes and my mind open.

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