Monday, January 30, 2017

Movie Time

We watched the Ghostbusters remake this weekend. Full disclosure--I wasn't much of a fan of the original. I thought it was dumb. I thought the same of the remake. I don't know why people were so angry about the remake. Oh wait--I do. They were sexist bigots.

Another dumb movie: Escape in the Desert. I recorded it because it was  described as a remake of The Petrified Forest. It wasn't really a remake. There are only the bar bones of the original story. The setting is a restaurant/bar in the middle of the desert. A young woman--a frustrated painter--feels trapped. There's some beefy guy who likes the painter, but she's not interested. Instead of Duke Mantee and his band of bank robbers, there are escaped Nazis. I read this movie was rushed to take advantage of a real Nazi prisoner escape. It wasn't worth the effort.

Hope our next movie selections are better.

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