Monday, January 16, 2017

Re-Watching Twin Peaks

Showtime's been advertising a continuation of Twin Peaks with many of the original cast members. That show premiers in May.

On Saturday Showtime aired a Season One Marathon of the original series.We loved Twin Peaks when it was first on in 1990-1991. A seemingly idyllic town is rocked by the murder of its seemingly perfect homecoming queen. In Twin Peaks, it's not just the owls that aren't what they seem.

There was nothing else like Twin Peaks: the Log Lady, a Tibetan rock throwing exercise to solve the murder, the nightly array of donuts, an FBI's agent obsession with cherry pie.

I re-watched the first episode fairly closely. The soothing notes of show's theme belie the surreal horrors to come.The images of a bird, sawmill, waterfall sucked me back into that world. I watched the rest of the first season although I couldn't watch the other episodes as closely as I did the first, and I didn't catch every scene.

The second season got weirder; going from eight to 22 episodes couldn't have helped. But the first season remains magic. 

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