Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Day in the Life

I decided to write a day in the life post, even though today wasn't particularly interesting or productive.

I had many things to do, but no specific appointments. This can be a problem for me, because it's easy to let time slip away--to sleep a little later--to read a few things online--to linger over my journal and coffee.

Today I fell into all of those problems. I didn't get up with the alarm at 7, but was sitting down with my coffee and journal by 7:30. I remembered that I wanted to check out the price for a house I like that I pass on the way to the gym. Then I got further sidetracked looking for sales price information about our condo complex. I ended up journaling and checking things online until about 8:30. Spike was up for a long walk today--about nine block lengths. I'm glad that he felt strong enough for that walk and that he didn't want to take it the last few days when it was much colder and windy.

I got to the gym around 10:15--I concentrated on leg work, but also did a set on the ab roller and a half hour on the cross ramp. While I was at the gym, I decided that I really didn't have to go food shopping today, since I had planned dinner with things we already had. I got home at 11:30: showered and started laundry. For the rest of the afternoon, I did laundry, read and wrote some emails, and made pumpkin-apple-carrot soup. For dinner, along with the soup, I made bourbon old-fashions, baked ham, baked sweet potatoes, kale with sautéed garlic and onions, and a salad of avocado and red peppers. Jeff did the dinner dishes but it was still 8 PM before I put all the laundry away and changed the bed.

We watched some TV; I wrote a few more emails, and then this entry.

I regret my slow start and getting distracted this morning. I would love to have an extra hour about now. I'm glad that I got to the gym--my third visit this week--I think I could be back on track--I'm glad I made the soup. I'm still trying to find the exact mix that I did a few years ago--one soup was awesome. I regret not writing or doing something creative.

Overall, an okay if boring day.

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