Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Favorite Seinfeld Episodes

For the third time in two weeks, I woke around 4:30 AM and had trouble going back to sleep. Rather than worry about finances or stress about to-do lists, I thought about my favorite Seinfeld episodes.

I have the So Long Seinfeld edition of Entertainment Weekly, so I could check episode titles as well as refresh my memory.

1. The Rye--this is my hands-down, all-time favorite episode. When George appears at the Rosses' window with a fishing rod, I was reminded of some of the classic gags of I Love Lucy. Then George thinks he succeeds and turns around to see Susan and her parents; I couldn't stop laughing. The episode also included a Beef-a Reeno eating horse, a bad result from oral sex, and mugging an "old bag." Hilarious

2. The Boyfriend--with guest star Keith Hernandez. We get the lowdown on helping someone move, a Mets inspired spoof of JFK and some great George work to extend his unemployment benefits

3. The Little Kicks--Elaine dances--a full-body drive heave set to music--plus Jerry as a movie bootlegger.

4. The Sponge--introduces the term, spongeworthy. How many sitcoms discuss women's faithfulness to their birth control?

5. The Outing--are George and Jerry gay?  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

6. The Pen--Stella! A visit to the parents is reduced to 20 minutes when you subtract showers.

7. The Opposite--I love George becoming the winner for once. He meets a beautiful girl and gets a job with the Yankees. Whoda thunk it?

8. The Conversion--George becomes a Latvian Orthodox to impress a girl. It's not the religion that sacrifices squirrels.

Numbers 2 through 8 are not in any particular order. If I had to name a top ten, I'd pick the final two from this list. I'll have to think about this more:

The Virgin
The Contest
The Puffy Shirt
The Marine Biologist
The Strike (Festivus--I think the other titles are self-explanatory.)

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