Friday, November 7, 2014

The Week End

I tend to think of Friday as the end of the week, even though most of my tutoring work now takes place on the weekends. I just finished reviewing my notes for my three students tomorrow.

This is usually the time I ask myself what I did this week. I don't have many accomplishments. I only had two tutoring sessions.I did other tutoring administration and prep work. I went to the collaboration seminar. I spent several hours with my mother and dealing with issues relating to my mother.

I guess that's where my week went. With my part-time schedule, I'm the one who can visit my mother most often as she recuperates from her broken hip. I'm also the contact person for the health center. I got two calls from them this evening, despite spending three hours there this afternoon. I have to escort my mother to her follow up visit to the surgeon next Friday in the official transport, because she can't be left alone in the vehicle. So I need to drive up to Redding, then drive down to the doctor's in Norwalk, back up to the health center and then home.  

As for today, I didn't plan on spending three hours at the health center. I was thinking of an hour and a half. But my mother insisted that I do her laundry, although I wanted to wait until Monday. Then I came home and did my own laundry.

Oh what a glamorous, creative life I lead.

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