Monday, November 3, 2014

On Time, Writing, Discipline and Inspiration

This morning, I got an email from Laura Vankerkam; she mentioned nanowrimo as an organizational/time management issue. I deleted the email, but kept the link open. Then I had to reboot my computer. I forgot about the article when I emptied my trash. Now I can't find the email. Instead, I found this tweet and this post. The post had a link to another.

What's the best balance between discipline and inspiration? Can you wait for inspiration to strike? Can you jumpstart inspiration by discipline?

I think that's why Julia Cameron stresses both morning pages and artist dates.

Years ago I clipped an article by Sharyn McCrumb in Writers Digest called Of Time and the Writer. I found this summary of the article. Funny that was easier to find than the email I received this morning. I know I also have a hard copy of the article somewhere.

So it's day two of my month of writing goals. So far I've failed. Today was a good opportunity for me to write too. Oh well, try again tomorrow.

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