Monday, November 17, 2014

Not Quite the Day from Hell, but...

There was some good news today. We had a meeting about my mother's
recovery; she is progressing, despite a few problem areas. She will remain in the health care center for two more weeks. At that point, there will be a re-assessment.

I was annoyed because the meeting started about 25 minutes late. After waiting five minutes past the start time, I went to the nurses' station. No one seemed to know what was going on. One nurse said she'd find out and let me know. About 15 minutes later the social worker arrived and apologized for being late. I can deal with lateness, but I don't like the feeling that no one knows what's happening.

Later I got the run-around about my mother's mail. I was told two weeks ago, that no-one can touch her mail. OK, I got that. But then security collected her mail. One day I picked it up and took it to her. Another day, Security delivered it. Now, she hasn't gotten mail for a few days. One guy from Security complained about all that they have to do--they're not supposed to touch the mail--but are asked to deliver it anyway--so it's a low priority. I'm happy to pick up the mail myself. I'm there about three times a week and Jim may be there on other days when I'm not--we can cover picking up the mail. Today I consulted about four people and no one could find the mail.

I went up to my mother's apartment to do her laundry. As I was waiting for it to dry, I used the toilet and it overflowed. I couldn't find a number for housekeeping, called the main number, and someone promised to send housekeeping to help. After about 20 minutes, I called again, asked for housekeeping and got a voicemail greeting from Environmental Services (talk about euphemisms.) Worse than that, I got a message that someone would respond within 24 hours. Lucky for me the toilet just overflowed and stopped and didn't explode. It reminded me of the facility's security department message: we don't check this voicemail regularly. WTF? Thanks.

My mother doesn't have a plunger or a mop, because she has housekeeping services. But what about when things happen after hours. Hell, my problem happened around 2 PM. The toilet overflow wasn't bad, I mopped up the water with towels, and can take my own Swiffer and clean. But this is not the best way, especially with the fees my mother is paying to live there.

To top the day off, I made a wrong turn and was late to my first tutorial. Then I stepped in a puddle.


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